Hello! I'm Shoshana Radka, the artist and owner of Rose Tree Paper. Rose Tree is currently a small dream run out of my home in Lynchburg, Virginia. I made my first paper flower wall as a bride to be, inspired by my desire to make a unique visual impact at my wedding, but really, my passion for paper flowers started long before that. As a child, I had a deep love of two things, art and nature. I was creative from a young age, always drawing, building, or crafting something, and when I wasn't creating, I was growing. My gardens over the years have been a great source of peace and artistic inspiration for me. No matter where I am, I stop to look at the flowers, the trees, the weed growing in the sidewalk crack. Living in an apartment has severely limited my ability to grow my favorite flowers, most of which languish in pots, so now I fill my home with realistic paper beauties that are always at their peak and never fade. Making paper flowers appeals to my love of fine details, and I'm always pushing them further, striving to grasp the ephemeral beauty of nature and freeze it forever in a single, perfect petal.